About Us

I'm Emma, a waterbaby that grew up on the east coast of Australia. My family and I have always lived on the coast; beach days and sandy picnics were my childhood. I started diving in Fiji when I was 14 and continued to become a PADI divemaster in 2019. I'm currently living in South Africa and enjoying exploring this new coastline. Follow me @emmatomkinsss

The other half of Getting to the Coast is Michael (or Mike), he has been a PADI instructor for 6 years and is bloody good at what he does. He grew up in South Africa and shark diving became his thing after years of diving the Aliwal Shoal. Follow Mike @michael.dowker

We created Getting to the Coast because we were itching to get back in the ocean after months of Covid-19 lockdown. We had plenty of time and loads of content, so we put together some photos and a few words and called it a blog. 

We want to share our best underwater moments and hopefully encourage someone to start diving, get back in the water or to simply enjoy the ocean as much as we do. 


We've been to some incredible places together and hope to see much more of our big blue planet.


Our mission is to see as many beaches and explore as much as we can, whilst travelling consciously. We love being by the coast and all the ocean has to offer. 


Welcome to Getting to the Coast and we hope you enjoy.


Mike + Emma  

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