A change of plans for 2020

2020 hasn't turned out how we expected, as it hasn't for probably everybody. We had a bunch of places we wanted to see and work lined up in Europe for the summer.

Covid-19 was already a thing but I decided to head overseas anyway- being healthy and a bit naive, I knew I would be fine and thought the worldwide pandemic would just go away... We had about five days on the east coast of South Africa- lots of sunshine, wild animals and braais before we headed to Michael's parents farm because a nationwide lockdown was just announced...

3 months later we're still in South Africa, on a farm, about 600km away from the nearest beach. I think every week I've asked Michael, "when do you really think we'll head back to the beach?"

We have spent time with Michael's family, I've learnt a tiny bit of Afrikaans, picked herbs and vegetables from the garden, fed the horses, bought winter clothes (and complained about being cold almost every day) and eaten a lot. And we bought a car, a 1974 VW Beetle, we called her Pam.

We've experienced farm life, but now we're heading back to the coast in Pam.