A week down the coast

From Umkomaas, we headed south to the Transkei. I had never seen this part of South Africa and was keen to get down there and explore. We ventured down the coast, with some mates, in a rental 4x4, we were all pretty stoked.

We drove in the early hours of the morning to try catch the sunrise in Mbotyi. We then stopped in at Magwa Falls and the tea plantation in the area. We even saw a foal take it's first steps.

We then arrived in Port St. Johns, where we would be camping for the week. We had the campsite to ourselves on Agate Terrace. We hadn't used rooftop tents before, but by the end of the week we left loving them.

We explored the area; Port St Johns Airfield, The Gap and Blowhole and Poenskop beach. And my favourite part of the trip, seeing cows laze on the beach.

We cooked all our own food either over the fire or with a gas cooker, we were so lucky to score the Bushtrackers Hilux as it was fitted with almost all the camping gear we needed. We made salads and veg parcels over the fire- and of course the boys took care of braaiing the meat. We enjoyed fresh oysters and crayfish, a few beers and watched the moon rise over the ocean (one thing we wished we got on camera). It was really special.

We saw loads of dolphins, birds diving and a large bait ball of sardines. The area is definitely called the Wild Coast for a reason, the wind was intense and didn't allow us to dive. I went for one quick swim but other than that it was cold and the water dirty.

We then headed back north, stopping to buy locally weaved baskets and a few road snacks.