Pam; our 1974 VW Beetle

We bought Pam in Johannesburg during lockdown, she is the cutest.

We spent a few weeks looking into buying a car, at the start of the South African lockdown. We had a tight budget and nothing really interested us. It wasn't until restrictions eased and the possibility of heading back to the coast became a reality, that we really wanted something ASAP. After some searching, 1974 VW Beetle popped up.

She had minimal rust, a 1600 engine, neat interior and a few original features. We messaged the seller and arranged to meet her the next day. She looked good, we went for a drive around the block and she ran smoothly- but we couldn't find reverse!

After a quick chat and run down of the car, we bought her.

And then came the reality of owning a car from the 70s...

We've had a few expected problems but nothing major and 90% of the problems Michael has been able to fix.

The 650km ish drive to the coast took us 12 hours, with a few issues but we got there.

We drove slow and stopped lots (including a stop at supposedly the smallest church in the world).