Time in the sea

The reason we came to the coast...

Scuba diving, free diving and spearfishing (for Michael; I am still yet to pull the trigger on a fish) and just enjoying time underwater.

I got a new wetsuit when we came back to Durban; my old suit had definitely seen better days. I chose a 5mm, two piece suit from Rob Allen- and I love it (I was never interested in a two piece wetsuit, but I have come to realise they are 10 x more comfortable). Michael is now definitely due for a new one (His has holes, the seams have ripped and it has compressed a lot).

On a quieter dive we are always searching around for shark teeth in the sand. I was lucky to pick up a Tiger shark tooth (something I will keep forever, they are so special).

This coastline is really a special part of the world and for divers it is a must. We've free dived with migrating Humpback whales, sharks, turtles and snorkelled and dived over beautiful reef.

Rocky Bay is my favourite shore entry spot in the area; it's a bit more protected than the other beaches and when there's minimal current there are some really cool spots to sit and watch marine life and to practice breath holds.

Michael is in the water almost everyday either with students on scuba, being a snorkel guide or spearfishing. He has shot fish for dinners and to share with friends. Our favourite eating fish is Wahoo (we grill it with lemon, butter and garlic) and it is now Crayfish season again. So we need to get some permits and dive for some Crays.

There's also nothing better than waking up to a beautiful sky and having breakfast on the beach, watching the sun go down and watching the moon rise over the ocean.